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November 2014

Mo Decks for Movember

Wednesday November 26 Mo Deck Crew will join in on Movember at Toronto’s hotspot The Gladstone Hotel in the Ballroom. All proceeds from the event will be donated to the Movember Foundation.

Mo Deck Crew is a gathering of an eclectic mix of artists who will design their own skateboards using the Movember theme and moustache motif. Artists will be donated sales proceeds to the Movember Foundation and boards will be sold via Silent Auction. Local groups and business will be present at the event such as Oasis Skateboard Factory, Garrison’s by the Park Barbershop, Phillipa C. photography, Glory Hole Doughnuts and a special Kiehl’s grooming station will be on site where men participating in a “No Shave Movember” campaign can groom their mustaches.

Guests will be automatically entered into a draw to win a Kiehl’s gift basket (valued at $150). All guests will leave with a special Kiehl’s gift bag. Guests will also be invited to the exclusive “Clipper Off” event at Garrisons Barbers where they can get their moustache buzzed off free of charge on November 30th…


ArtMarket 2014

This show was another life affirming event. Finding out about the event a week before it started, I sent an email with hopes of simply getting on the wait list for next year. Two days later I got a call saying someone was unable to participate and the spot was mine if I wanted it. Talk about blown away. I realize how lucky I was to get in, but throughout this whole life changing process from electrician to artist, those kinds of things have happened just at a key time to let me know that this is exactly what I’m supposed to do with my life.

I can’t thank the people who got me there or who helped out during for all the support & guidance. This was a very special event, I sold over 120 prints, gave out more than 200 business cards and had some truly inspirational interactions with some wonderful people…

Thank you.