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October 2014


This was a major turning point for Warhol, from graphic designer to fine artist.

Thank you NYC.

Writing sucks… sort of.

Well, not really but man is it hard. How do you approach it?! Try to be funny or serious & profound or just yourself?! Tone and inflection don’t come across very well in the written word, and my spelling and grammar suck, so being myself is gonna be tough… I don’t think I have much of a choice in the matter though, everyone else is taken. Obviously I have a long way to go with writing, but I’m up to the challenge. To be honest the only reason I’m writing this is so that I had some copy to go along with the completely unrelated image above… custom headboard & lighting for the Mrs.

Also, it’s a decent scale shot of my painting “Purpose” which is still for sale…

um, interesting… you should buy it.


I’m sitting in a dumpy Houston airport bar, and I figured I would start trying this blog thing. NO, this is not important, However, I am actually working… maybe even a little day drunk. There is no need for you to be reading this.