The Story


I am here because a series of small events over a lifetime have brought me to my purpose.

Born in Winnipeg, I was first introduced to painting at the age of eight when my Grandma started an oil painting class for the grand kids at the lake during summer break.

In High school, a skill that started with oils quickly grew into different mediums including pencil, watercolour, silk screening & sculpting. While still in college I was hired by a small media firm in Calgary and after graduating with “Student of the Year” honours, moved out west. That move was the inspiration for the very first journal, which has grown into an amazing collection of seventeen books, full of insight from people across the world.


2009, in need of a change, I moved to New Zealand. With the books in tow, I started leading the inspired life I had always dreamed, and each day brought me closer to hearing the words that changed my life forever.

“Somewhere deep inside is the ticket to the ride of your life.”

After that everything made sense. The books opened, passion poured out, and in three months – eleven paintings. Ten years after this whole thing started I celebrated my 30th birthday with my very first exhibition. With the sale of the entire collection within the first week, it became very clear that I had found my purpose.

Since returning home, I have dedicated my life to sharing what I have learned from the books and the world around me by making these ideas more present in our day-to-day lives.

I hope my work acts as a friendly reminder to walk just a little bit taller.


the Collection

TOAST 2017 | the Book | SOLD

LEADERS 2017 | the Book | SOLD

WANDER 2017 | Archetype

NOW 2017 | Archetype | SOLD

HUSTLE 2017 | Archetype

IMAGINE 2017 | Archetype

VINCENT 2017 | Archetype | SOLD

SELL 2017 | Archetype | Given Away

MAYA 2017 | Archetype

FAMOUS 2017 | Archetype | SOLD

LOVE 2017 | Archetype | SOLD

LENNON 2017 | Archetype | SOLD

LEAD 2017 | Archetype

GROW 2017 | Archetype | SOLD


GO 2017 | Archetype | SOLD

JOBS 2016 | Face Value | SOLD

WINFREY 2016 | Face Value | Auctioned

KAHLO 2016 | Face Value | SOLD

TAYLOR 2016 | Face Value | Auctioned

GAGA 2016 | Face Value | SOLD

WILLIAMS 2016 | Face Value | SOLD

JACKSON 2016 | Face Value | Auctioned

DRAKE 2016 | Face Value | Auctioned

ALI 2016 | Face Value | SOLD

WATTS 2016 | Face Value | SOLD

PICASSO 2016 | Face Value | SOLD

De NIRO 2016 | Face Value | SOLD

DALI 2016 | Face Value | SOLD

BLONDIE 2016 | Face Value | SOLD

LINCOLN 2016 | Face Value | SOLD

COBAIN 2016 | Face Value | SOLD

EINSTEIN 2016 | Face Value | SOLD

CHANGE 2016 | the Book | SOLD

ORIGINAL 2016 | the Book

TOGETHER 2016 | the Book

AWESOME 2016 | the Book | SOLD

CRAVE 2016 | the Book | SOLD

COURAGE 2016 | the Book | SOLD

Risk 2016 | the Book

More 2016 | the Book | Auctioned

Leaders 2016 | the Book | Auctioned

Famous 2016 | the Book | Auctioned

TIME 2016 | Functional art | SOLD

Adventure 2015 | Functional Art | SOLD

Fantastic 2015 | Functional Art | SOLD

Greatness 2015 | Functional Art | SOLD

WORLD 2015 | Functional Art

Hustle 2015 | Words of Wisdom | SOLD

Passion 2015 | Words of Wisdom | SOLD

Now 2015 | Words of Wisdom | SOLD

The Book

The first book opened over fifteen years ago as a journal to document a summer adventure. As time passed, that book transformed into a sort of yearbook capturing strangers’ wisdom, humour and personal insights; random, honest and completely unique.

Since the first, sixteen more have been filled and this idea has grown into something more meaningful than I could have ever imagined.

It has become the major inspiration for my work, and I hope that these friendly reminders bring you as much happiness, humour and insight as they have me.

Rollover the circles to see some of what has been shared so far, and if the mood should strike, share something yourself using the contact form below. Who knows, you may have already.