DARE TO BEGIN collection

This is the first ever collection of animated paintings and NFTs created by Cory Nespor; each piece a combination of the many layers employed in his work.

Using his signature approach, ten original paintings were created IRL using fabric swatches, spray paint & acrylic. Ten original MDF hand cut silhouette overlays were also created; each piece representing a single frame of a traditional looped animation. In addition, a hand built functional Lightbox was made for the bottom layer of the paintings. Each piece was then photographed separately and assembled into a digital workspace with 70+ unique elements, becoming the source for the generative process, producing 500 completely unique static images.

Next, a number generator was used to create 50 random number sets, identifying how the static images would group together. Finally, a single frame from the group of overlays was placed over each set of images in series to connect the looping animation to the artwork below, creating 50 completely unique animated NFTs.

After a decade of honing his craft, Cory is excited to step into the digital art world with the OpenSea launch of the DARE TO BEGIN collection: exploring innovative ways to provide accessibility, connection and community, alongside the ever changing landscape of the Metaverse. 

50 Unique animated NFTs .1ETH | available on OpenSea

NFT holders will be eligible to receive one of the ten original 12” x 16” completed paintings used as the genesis for the DARE TO BEGIN collection.