02.17.2016 | Functional Art | Clock | mixed media & all kinds of other stuff on plywood | 28″ x 12″
Price: SOLD

98% inspired by Timeraiser, 2% by the Meccano set I found at my grandparents, I wanted to make something that matched the essence of this event…

This piece is entirely hand built.

The first hurdle (there were many) was the main cogs. The pins needed to be spaced according to the number and thickness of the panels. After several failed attempts using other materials, washers & rivets were used to create a functioning cog that not only held the panels in place but also allowed them to rotate into each new position. The drive shaft is made from several 1/4″ rods that have been coupled together so they spin in unison. Each panel was hand cut & hand painted in a variety of fonts listed below. The internal housing was built using 3/4″ pine and finally wrapped in 1/4″ plywood.

I hope this mini ‘call-to-action’ brings a smile to your face.

Clock Vid

Fonts: Nautilus Pompilius, Sullivan, Haymaker, DextourOut, Neon Lights, Ribbon, Rosewood, Punch Label, Imprint, Misirlou Day, Langdon, Griffon Shadow, Wolf in the City


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