“it could just have been otherwise.”
Otherwise | mixed media on wood panel w/ lightbox and hand cut silhouette
24″ x 18″ | sum of the parts | 2021
Price: Available Upon Request
Quietly, over the last few months I have completely deconstructed my practice.
Scrolling back through the years, I flagged my favourite elements from each series and tried to imagine how they could work together.
As much as I have enjoyed each body of work & the process so far, I’ve always felt like there was a bigger idea ahead.
This Fall on an art adventure in LA, inspiration struck & that idea finally became clear.
So, with that being said I am very excited to share a new series that showcases all the weird facets of my work.
For the first time, I have combined the books, typography, fabric, spray paint, electrical, light & construction… Basically eight years of experiments wrapped into a single painting. 

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